• Aquatic & Recreation

    We produce a range of products for the great outdoors, from trekking through the desert to taking an extended trip on your boat. We produce 4x4 Water, Diesel and Petrol Bladders, Marine Bladders for all varieties of Liquid Containment, Salvage Lift Bags as well as Catch Bags for recreational and commercial diving. Our products are designed to maximise your experiences. We also sell accessories for bladders and Four Wheel Driving.

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  • Mining, Oil & Gas

    We produce a wide range of products to service the Mining Gas and Oil industries. From noise suppression plugs, Bunding, Water and Fuel dumps, liners and even salvage bags we have a solution. We understand that the needs of these industries are specialised, we cater for this using materials that meet standards related to anti –static issues, potable water storage as well as petro chemical long term storage. Whether it be PVC, PU or HDPE we can produce a product for you.

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  • Commercial & Industrial

    From high rise offices to the ocean we produce products ranging from Reliable Cable Cover for both Carpet and hard floor applications to liquid storage bladders and dumps, Pipe plugs for plumbing and stormwater drains, Liquid containment Bunding for aquatic use as well as on land, Tank Liners for a variety of liquid containment applications, Whatever your industry we have a product for you. Our products are made under strict quality control processes to ensure you get the best product possible.

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  • Custom Made Products

    We produce a wide range of standard products that can be fully customised whether it be just the position of the fittings to the dimensions, material type or even completely new concepts or ideas, we pride ourselves on being able to produce products designed specifically to our customers’ needs. From a custom made 4x4 bladder tank, Rainwater Bladder, Lifting devices, inflatable objects to heavy duty industrial bags, PVC Blinds you name it we can do it. We also make products from HDPE and LDPE.

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  • Aquaculture & Agriculture

    We produce a wide range of products for these industries, from Holding Liners, Permanent liquid storage, Bunding for washing down equipment on farms, Liners for old tanks that can be brought back from the brink, Marine tanks for Fuel, drinking, Grey and Black water. We even produce grain bunker covers. Whatever your need we have a solution.

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Make it Happen...Camp more...Work less.

Fleximake understands the immensity and strains of the Australian Landscape whether it is residential, industrial, commercial, rural or even the Adventurer, Fleximake can provide you with a cost effective flexible answer for your liquid storage, lifting or inflatable needs. Now we use finest 100% Australian made PVC fabric (900gsm) for our potable product range.